The "first day" can be nerve racking, not knowing what to expect can cause anxiety in some and hesitation in others. Whether you are interested in fitness, self defense or both we want you to know as much as possible before you make the drive and walk through our doors. Don't let fear of the unknown hold you back from what you know is good for your health and well being.

Where do I go when I first walk in?
Our room layout is simple. After walking through the double doors you'll see our front desk straight ahead. You can't miss it.

Then what?
You'll be greeted by an instructor or a staff member. We'll introduce ourselves, answer any immediate questions or concerns you might have and then hand you an Introduction Waiver for you to read and sign.

What happens before class starts?
After you have filled out our Intro Waiver we'll have a brief discussion about our class structure and address any concerns before class starts.

What takes place during class?
Class starts with an 8 minute warm up. After the warm up we dive right in to our lesson plan.

What will I be expected to do?
You will only be expected to do what you are capable of doing on your first day. The biggest thing we want you to understand is that YOU are in control of what you decide to participate in, not us.

Will I be punched or kicked on my first day?
Short answer, no.

Will I be singled out and "made an example of"?
The less attention we can bring to you on your first day the better, right?

What if I can't do the techniques or keep up??
Everyone here is at different fitness and/or skill level. We'll set the tempo, but you are expected to go at YOUR own pace.

Other things you should know:
We don't remove our shoes for training (except on Fridays during Ground Combatives).
We give water breaks during class, but we're all adults so if you're thirsty drink up.
No one will pressure you after your Intro class to sign up.
We'll obviously ask if you are interested in joining but no gimmicks or high pressure sales tactics!
Your instructor believes in the "Golden Rule".
Last but not least, YOU CAN DO THIS!

Now let's get you started, click here to register for your free Introduction Class and take the first step to your new beginning!!