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David Escobedo started his journey into Krav Maga in March of 2009. As a San Antonio Police Officer he quickly recognized how Krav Maga closely resembled the type of situations he faced 'out on the street'. David has since trained with 3 different Krav organizations, received his Instructor Certification along the way, and continues taking classes, attending events, and participating in some of the best Krav seminars across the nation! He combines his security, military, and law enforcement experience along with his knowledge and training in Krav Maga to provide an exceptional training encounter with every class he teaches!
Krav Maga is the official fighting system of the Israeli Defense Forces. It is a rigorous process of mental and physical conditioning unparalleled in the martial arts world. Krav Maga's philosophy is simple, eliminate the threat using the quickest, most practical and effective way possible. It's direct, to the point, and was designed so it can be learned by anyone regardless of age, size, or fitness level!

Krav Maga Mini Camp will give you the skills you need and the confidence to use them. No flashy or complicated techniques. We will conduct training in each of the following categories:
  • Striking - The best long, mid, and short range strikes and when to use them.
  • Ground Combatives - We're not looking to "roll", we want to get up as soon as possible.
  • Multiple Threats - Positioning is everything!
  • Weapons Disarms - Few techniques for multiple situations.

This is an amazing opportunity to learn and experience how one of the best militaries in the world train their men and women for battle! Participants will be given breaks to hydrate and "fuel up" in-between categories so bring 'em if you got 'em. Water bottles will be provided free of charge and bringing an extra t-shirt may be wise...

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Where are we located?
We are located at the corner of Wall Triana Hwy and Pine Grove (Approx. 2 miles North of Hwy 72 on Wall Triana Hwy)