Where are we located?
We are located at the corner of Wall Triana Hwy and Pine Grove (Approx. 2 miles North of Hwy 72 on Wall Triana Hwy)

Ground Combatives

While you won't win any tournaments in our Ground Combatives class, what you do learn could possibly save your life! Our Ground Combatives class is designed to teach you how to survive various attacks while on the ground such as sexual assaults, individuals with weapons, multiple attackers, simple 'street fights' and against other trained ground fighters.

Back Control, Mount, Side Control, and Guard are the 4 fundamental positions that enable us to effectively defend and/or control our assailant using strikes, joint locks, pressure points, arm bars, and choke holds. Our main goal is to ALWAYS get up off the ground as quickly as possible and our Ground Combatives class will give you the skills to do so!!
Only 10 slots will be sold!!