"ISIS calls on Islamists to carry out knife attacks in areas such as alleys, forests and quiet neighborhoods and told to aim for 'a reasonable kill count' in latest magazine"
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Yea, that got my attention too! Knife attacks can be stopped by anyone with a gun and should be! But we know that not everyone carries or has the ability to carry all the time. This is why it is important to be well rounded in the world of self defense training. Concealed Tactical Self Defense Training & Tactics makes this possible. We are in the business of saving lives.

Our Edged Weapon Defenses class uses gross motor skills and puts everything under the stress and adrenaline of a realistic attack. That is why its  practical techniques are utilized by many military and law enforcement agencies around the world! We encourage you to attend our Edged Weapons Defense on Sunday December 16th from 2p. - 4p.

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