The course is designed to expose and educate each participant to a variety of hostile stress related conditions such as those encountered in real life. Participants will have a 'hands on' opportunity to evaluate their personal defense options, strategies, and equipment. One never really knows how they will react during a robbery, kidnapping, home invasion etc. unless they had prior training and/or experience. Research has proven that simulated training exercises help prepare and enhance split second decision making skills to individuals who have been exposed to similar experiences. This is a physically challenging course with safety being our utmost priority!! Bring a friend, sign up the family and come see how well you can draw from concealment under pressure.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own firearm and method of conceal carry (i.e. concealment holsters, purse, fanny pack, pocket holsters, etc.). Absolutely NO AMMO is to brought into the building. ALL firearms will be repeatedly checked upon entry and during class training sessions.
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Where are we located?
We are located at the corner of Wall Triana Hwy and Pine Grove (Approx. 2 miles North of Hwy 72 on Wall Triana Hwy)

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Saturday October 27th, from 1p. - 2:30p.
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