Weekly class training rotation:
Week 1 - Tues/Thurs/Sat from 8:30a - 9:20a.
Week 2 - Mon/Weds/Fri from 8:30a - 9:20a.
Where are we located?
We are located at the corner of Wall Triana Hwy and Pine Grove (Approx. 2 miles North of Hwy 72 on Wall Triana Hwy)

Our CT Fitness Classes consist of Cardio Kickboxing, Ground n' Pound, and Circuit training to give your body the maximum results you want!!
Cardio Kickboxing: We use a combination of strikes, kicks, and movements from martial arts, boxing, and Krav Maga and turn them into an awesome calorie burning, stamina enhancing workout!
Ground n' Pound: Every class is designed to remove 'routine and boredom' from your vocabulary. Biceps, triceps, shoulders, core, and legs.. there's really no part of your body that won't be pushed!
Circuit Training: Get a great workout as you cycle through multiple stations; punching bags, core benches, jump ropes, and more!!

Overall you'll enjoy working out in our friendly non-judgemental atmosphere with like minded folks who are serious about transforming their bodies and their lives. These high-energy classes are beginner friendly and challenge the elite athlete alike.


Try out 3 classes for free!
(Classes must be taken consecutively)