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We Have Something for Everyone!

KRAV MAGA is the official self defense system that every man and woman must learn when they join the Israeli Defense Forces. The IDF, including their Special Forces Units, Israeli Police and Internal Security Branches have been using Krav Maga for over sixty years. KM techniques have been proven to work time and time again in the real world.

KMB (Krav Maga Beginner)
Krav  Maga training has a solid reputation for being dynamic and intense, but in our Krav Maga Beginners class we'll cover the fundamentals in an easy to do step by step instruction. This class is great for anyone that is interested in taking self defense classes but is hesitant due to a lack of physical fitness, coordination, or experience. The idea is to slowly introduce and integrate beginning students into a system that is aggressive in nature! Once you feel ready you can choose to test out or stay in the Fundamentals for as long as you like!!

CT/KM2 (Krav Maga Intermediate)
In our Krav Maga 2 class, we'll 'take the training wheels off' and get you to start thinking for yourself. With enhanced combatives and defenses, you'll be more prepared to defend yourself than the average street 'fighter'. Now that you have the fundamentals down, we can start to fine tune your defensive plans of action! 

CT/KM3 (Krav Maga Advanced)
Krav Maga 3 classes we put on the big boy gloves and protective gear and introduce you to sparring. It's been said that, "everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth". Sparring is a great way to learn how to take strikes and keep your cool under pressure. Here you'll learn how to apply advanced combatives to aggressively disable an attacker and get away to safety as quickly as possible. Remember, Krav Maga teaches you how to survive in real situations where there are no rules, tap outs, or referees to stop an attack.

GROUND COMBATIVES (Self Defense for the Ground)
There's a huge misunderstanding in the self defense world between training to win a fight and training to defend against an attack. A high majority of Ground Fighting classes are based solely on 1 on 1 fight simulations. In our Ground Combatives class we cover dominant & non-dominant ground positions, application and defenses against basic chokes & joint locks, and also focus on grappling techniques, weapon control/disarm, dealing with multiple assailants, and working within confined spaces all while on the ground.

Self Defense Concepts is an unconventional training session where we address various exercise-drills, topics, and situations not covered in our Ground or Krav classes.  We recognize that self defense goes way beyond any one fighting/defensive system so we bring other concepts and training methodologies to the table.

Our Weapons Tactics courses consist of a variety of non-lethal and lethal force options involving handguns, pepper spray, steel baton/stick, and small impact and/or edged weapons. We teach similar tactics most commonly used by military and law enforcement personnel in the U.S.

Based on the Krav Maga combative system and philosophy, Pretty & Tough is a women's only self defense course that teaches simple strikes anyone can use to overwhelm an attacker and get away to safety. There are no "tricks" or "special techniques", it's pure, it's raw, and it's effective! Concealed Tactical understands it's not in "what" is being taught, but more importantly in "how" it's being taught that separates their training from other self defense courses.

In this 50 minute high energy class we'll help you reduce weight, melt calories, and get into the best shape of your life all while increasing confidence, coordination, and strength! CT Fitness Training is a fun and proven way to relieve stress as you learn to strike and kick like a pro! We use a variety of Muay Thai bags, speed bags, Cage Fitness bags, focus mitt work and so much more to get the results you've been looking for!!

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