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(Ages 13 and Up)

We Have Something for Everyone!


Con-Tact Training is the general term we use to describe what we do here at Concealed Tactical. While our primary self defense training is rooted in the Krav Maga system, we provide an over all blend of various tactics, techniques and courses scheduled throughout the year. Con-Tact Training involves Hand to Hand, Weapon Disarms, First Aid, Ground Combatives, Weapons Tactics, and Situational Based Training Exercises.

CT/KRAV MAGA (Self Defense)

Krav Maga is an Israeli self defense system taught to the Israeli Defense Forces. It has since been "Americanized" to deal with the more common threats seen here in the U.S. rather than on the battlefield. It is a process of mental and physical conditioning unparalleled in the martial arts world. Krav Maga isn't complicated, it's simple, direct, and to the point. It can be learned by anyone regardless of age, size, or fitness level! In a CT/Krav Maga class, you will also engage in training outside of the normal Krav Maga curriculum. From time to time we will conduct scenario based training along with unconventional self defense exercises. While keeping safety as a high priority, you will learn how to defend yourself at an alarming rate! These classes are intense, explosive, and a whole lot of fun!

KRAV MAGA FUNDAMENTALS (A.K.A. Krav Maga for Beginners)
What is Krav Maga Fundamentals? While most Krav  Maga training classes have a reputation for being dynamic, KMF offers a different approach. We break down each technique so that it is easy to follow and perform. This class is great for anyone that is interested in taking a self defense class but is hesitant about signing up due to a lack of physical fitness, coordination, or lack of experience etc. The idea is to slowly introduce and integrate beginning students into a system that is aggressive in nature!  

GROUND COMBATIVES (Street Defense for the Ground)
Our Ground Combatives class is great for when the "fight" is taken to the ground! While we aren't looking to submit an attacker or make them tap out "on the street", we do need to understand how trained ground fighters operate. Our goal in any real life situations is to get up and away to safety as quickly and as effectively as possible.  This is a must have class for both men and women!

Every other weekend students get together for an unconventional class to address exercise-drills, topics, and situations not covered in our regular classes.  If it has to do with self defense, you will most likely see it in this class!

Our Weapons Tactics courses consist of a variety of non-lethal and lethal force options involving handguns, pepper spray, steel baton/stick, and/or small impact weapons (such as kubatons). Adapted for civilians, some of the training resembles tactics most commonly used by military and law enforcement personnel in the U.S.

Based on the Krav Maga combative system and philosophy, Pretty & Tough is a women's only self defense course that teaches simple strikes anyone can use to overwhelm an attacker and get away to safety. There are no "tricks" or "special techniques", it's pure, it's raw, and it's effective! Concealed Tactical understands it's not in "what" is being taught, but more importantly in "how" it's being taught that separates their training from other self defense courses.

Cardio Bag a 45 minute cardio conditioning class using Muay Thai bags, speed bags, ground & pound, focus mitt work and more! It's not Tae Bo or aerobics , but we do use a variety of strikes and kicks to keep you moving throughout the training session. Need to burn calories? One class will burn anywhere from 600 - 1000 calories.

In this 50 minute high energy class we combine the best of punches, kicks, elbow strikes and more to get your heart pumping and your calories burning!! Cardio Kickboxing is a fun and proven way to relieve stress and get in shape.

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